One For Victory. - Autotype
One For Victory.

What brought you to your craft?   Gabrielle Galardo - My family has been in the furniture industry since the late 1950s when my grandfather started an upholstered furniture company, which took off during the apartment boom in ...

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MAKR. Jason Gregory - Autotype
MAKR. Jason Gregory

An illuminating interview with one of the most compelling designers you'll ever encounter.

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Todd Snyder. - Autotype
Todd Snyder.

In Conversation... Derek: Define your st...

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Modernica. Jay Novak. - Autotype
Modernica. Jay Novak.

On Art, Collaboration, and the Idiosyncrasies of Wood On an atypical overcast October day in Southern California, I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Jay Novak, co-founder (along with his brother Frank) of Los Angeles-based furniture design company Moder...

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ICON. Jonathan Ward. - Autotype
ICON. Jonathan Ward.

On Style and Bespoke Utility. Derek Galkin: There are very few people whom I've met on my journey who can identify, understand, and appreciate functional, clean, timeless industrial design. The catalyst of our friendship. Jo...

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