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“Respect your perspective. Empowering leaders of our future, even beyond design, to understand that they showed up on this planet with a unique way of seeing the world—of seeing people, nature, opportunities, travel, culture. At no time in design or product history has it been easier to not only get something manufactured, but to also tell your story and reach your audience. You don't have to go work for The Man anymore. So, don't be afraid to follow your own visions.” — Jonathan Ward

Founded 2006
Los Angeles, CA

About ICON

Jonathan and Jamie know specialized restoration services. Since 1996, they have built their reputation in their craft, serving the Land Cruiser community and developing special projects and prototyping for Toyota. It was in that time that Jonathan noticed an emerging desire in the collector market for modern performance married to classic styling. It was a need that had yet to be met. As he puts it, “I not only took note; I took action.” ICON was born from a strong commitment to tradition, passion for modern design, and a dedication to performance excellence.

Beginning with the FJ series, then the BR and TR, Jonathan and Jamie created a vehicle without peers, built for a journey without boundaries. Buoyed by the support of a community that not only appreciated their work but demanded it, they continued expanding and exploring innovative designs on a wide variety of vehicles. Today, their custom builds mostly consist of two-wheel drive vehicles, again with classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility.

About Design

Automobile design plays a significant role in the overall inspiration of Autotype. Among the founders alone, our stable covers most genres of automobile design, past and present: a Tesla Model 3, a 1971 2 door Datsun 510, a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 and finally one of the most important and impactful car designs to date, a Porsche 911 (1997 993 to be exact).

Autotype’s reason for being is to identify, celebrate, and share functional and timeless design. Jonathan Ward, founder and chief design officer of ICON 4x4, shares in our passion and has coined this style of design as “bespoke utility.”

We share a collective goal: “Respect your perspective.” We want to identify and support “the disruptor.”

“Autotype provides me a venue to both celebrate and invest in the future of design, to enable students who are passionate, have great potential, and who, through traditional channels, perhaps wouldn’t have an opportunity to flourish.”  — Jonathan Ward 

From the design integrity Jonathan instills into each ICON, to the 1,282 man hours it takes to make a vehicle along with his commitment to passion for empowering design for future generations, make Jonathan Ward and ICON 4x4 the perfect choice as the first inductee into the Autotype Design Club. We’re honored to have him.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Autotype community, a part of a collective of others who exhibit the full range of creative outlets that are possible for young designers as they enter the space.” — Jonathan Ward

We at Autotype are humbled to be the only venue, outside of going direct, where you can purchase an ICON 4x4. 10% of all sales of these vehicles will fund annual Autotype scholarships to support/elevate deserving aspiring designers

Autotype will create scholarships in the denomination of $1000 for qualified design students (industrial, graphic, web, interior, fashion, film, photography and architecture) who have been admitted to accredited design schools or programs. Each scholarship will be determined based on talent and will be decided by a panel of industry professionals, which proudly includes Jonathan Ward.

Autotype Exclusives 

BR Old School #66

Skip the two-year queue and bid on our custom Autotype + ICON BR Old School #66.

ICON Bronco

Make an ICON your own: custom spec and order an ICON BR just the way you’d like it.


Make an ICON your own: custom spec and order an ICON FJ just the way you’d like it.