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Our newest ADC member Moore & Giles

We were fans of heritage leather goods brand Moore & Giles well before we asked them to join the Autotype Design Club. With their proven track record in producing quality leather products and our forward-thinking design sensibilities, our partnership was a natural fit.

Moore & Giles
Founded 1933
Forest, VA

Moore & Giles for Ace Hotel and Heritage Bags

Moore & Giles was founded in 1933 by Donald Graeme Moore in Lynchburg, VA, at the height of the Great Depression. Originally a supplier of “findings”, Moore sold a broad range of components used in footwear constructions to manufacturers in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. His humble business was expanded when Moore’s son-in-law, W. Vernon Giles, joined as a partner. Moore & Giles has stayed in the family ever since with Mr. Moore’s grandson, Donald Moore Giles, serving the company for over 50 years, from 1966-2018.

Up until the 1980s, Moore & Giles’ primary business had been shoe upper leather, leather lining, and sole leather, representing a variety of domestic tanneries. In the early 1990s, the company shifted its focus to the home furnishings industry and, consequently, more natural tannages and finishes. These pioneering efforts brought a fashion approach to home furnishings that showcased the visual and tactile beauty of natural leather. The turn of the century saw the business expand its focus from residential manufacturers to an even larger base of architects, specifiers, and interior designers, primarily in the high-end hospitality, residential and aviation design arenas. From the rooms of top hotels to the interiors of celebrated restaurants and artfully designed homes, Moore & Giles leathers grace some of the most exciting and exclusive design projects in the world.

"Creativity is one of Moore & Giles’ core values. We stand with and support emerging designers in the early stages of their careers and believe that design is crucial to the success of businesses both young and old."
—Elizabeth Stroud. VP of Bags and Accessories.

Moore & Giles - Autotype colaboration

We have partnered with Moore & Giles and designed three exclusive monogram options to personalize their bags. 

"The monograms are inspired by architectural drawings and landscape design plans, they tell stories with minimal lines and shapes. There’s also a nice parallel between how we identify and live in the spaces between the lines and shapes."
– Tu Pham. Autotype Co-Founder


An Interview with Elizabeth Stroud
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