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In the Studio (OLD)

Modernica's Jay Novak on Art, Collaboration, and the Idiosyncrasies of Wood

On an atypical overcast October day in Southern California, I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Jay Novak, co-founder (along with his brother Frank) of Los Angeles-based furniture design company Modernica, on a few things design and process. Tu Pham: To start, why post-WWII California design? Jay Novak: The purity and architecture of the time, the geometry of archetypal shape. Not because it was mid-century, but because appreciation for it emerged after WWII in a strong way. TP: What’s the process of creating a project today versus when you first started? JN: Thirty years ago, I was just coming up with an idea and trying to build it. Now, it’s much more collaborative; collaboration was a skill that I...
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Limited-Edition ICON Thriftmaster Tees

For a limited time only, drivable art becomes wearable. Aptly described as “a sportscar masquerading as a classic pickup” by ICON’s Jonathan Ward, the Thriftmaster is an emblem of modern performance with timeless utility. Snatch up the Thriftmaster tee before sales close Friday, May 3rd, at 6PM PST.
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