We are Autotype

We believe design should be beautiful, timeless, thoughtful, and inclusive. That’s why we created this community—a space for seasoned vets, newbies, fans, tastemakers, and mavericks alike—to celebrate design from all angles.

We dig deep into the stories and inspirations behind our favorite brands in the Autotype Design Club. In our marketplace, we curate everyday lifestyle products that are functional, beautiful, and timeless—from the pencil we sketch with to the coffee table book in our living room and the chair in our office. But we’re also looking to the future. Through our Emerging Designer Scholarship, we offer financial support and mentorship to design students so they’re empowered to pursue their unique visions and cultivate new concepts for the next generation.

Each aspect feeds into our ethos of amplifying designers’ work, sparking dialogue within the community, and giving space and support to the designers coming up right now. 

Autotype is design—powered by community.

The team.

Spearheading Autotype’s mission is founder Derek Galkin alongside Creative Director Andrew Rosenthal, two industry leaders who have been friends and collaborators since meeting in college in 1995. And while each took separate paths in the applied arts—Galkin in brand building and Rosenthal on the agency side—both are committed to the field of design.

Their collective portfolio spans an eclectic mix of brands, from start-ups and niche businesses to nonprofits and global companies, including Adobe, Pantone, SeaVees, House Industries, DWELL, James Perse, Quiksilver, Sperry Top Sider, Giant, Apple, Nike, Toyota, and Incase.

In 2017, after the successful sale of his footwear brand SeaVees to Pentland, Galkin knew whose creative genius to tap for his next idea. When he and Rosenthal launched Autotype two years later, the duo had already collaborated on numerous design projects across 18 years of business and friendship, and wanted to give back to the design community that nurtured them. With Autotype, they invest in the future of design by creating an inclusive platform for designers to entertain the impossible, showcase their work, and find support from a community that values great design.

The two continue to challenge themselves creatively, exploring unique artistic intersections and business ideas. Through Autotype and their many collaborations, Galkin and Rosenthal strive to push the design market to be more innovative, inclusive, and daring.