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Porsche Magazine - Triple Zero 000 - Issue 3- Autotype Library

000 Magazine - Issue 003


A quarterly journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. 9x12, 80-lb paper each issue offers more than 250 pages covering every facet of Porsche.

003 Departments

  • Zero Input: Uncovering the real 959 sport story 
  • Archival: Peter Falk's Fahrversuchs Rallye
  • Blink: Patrick Long: On winning big
  • Surface: Top Coat: A Porsche's paint job 
  • Anorak: Porsche racing shift knobs in wood 
  • Apart: 924 GTP Prototype wheel carrier
  • Inprint: Worthwhile books, new and old 
  • Tech: 911 Cooling fan restoration
    — the right way 
  • Outsmart: Continual improvement,
    courtesy of Toyota
  • 000 Build: 991.2 Carrera Edition F22.2

003 Features

  • Forgotten Son:U.S. 959 Sport
  • Internal Debate:911R & 991.2 GT3
  • Go! Tale of a 356 Mudracer 
  • Secrets of a Gastarbeiter
  • Of Rust & Oil: An ordinary icon 

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