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Robert Evans' screening room - 11 x 14 - Kodak C-Print


Backstory by Dewey:

Robert Evans’ screening room with Barry Pepper, Peter Sarsgaard, Ice Cube, Sam Rockwell, Robert Evans, Jason Lee, Alan Selka and Dita Von Teese, 1999

  • Subject: Robert Evans' screening room 
  • Medium: Kodak C-print
  • Film: Fujicolor 100 120
  • Camera: Fuji 645 
  • Size: 11 x 14
  • Vintage Artist Proof Print by Dewey Nicks

From the radical archives of Dewey Nicks is an exclusively curated collection of vintage artist proof prints. These prints were selected by Dewey Nicks and made available exclusively through Autotype. Each original piece includes an authenticity card.

20% of this sale benefits the Autotype + Dewey Nicks Scholarship for Photography.