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Designers are stewards of the imagination: they provoke, plan and experiment with the seemingly ludicrous and impossible to test their theories and, inevitably, bring to life a functional and timeless work of art. Their daring inspires what we wear, what we drive, and how we live, font by font, product by product, and detail by painstaking detail.

At Autotype, we encourage this pursuit. Our aim is to create an inclusive space for designers to entertain the impossible, with support by a community of advocates who value great design.

Autotype Design Club is where we introduce you to some of our favorite creators and mavericks in the design world. We’re inspired by talented innovators in every creative discipline, and with Autotype Design Club, we share their story and explore their process.

“We search high and low for true designers who are pushing boundaries in our field and pursuing new frontiers for design to flourish; we tell their stories, explore their processes and offer their products online.“—Derek Galkin

Through the Autotype Emerging Designer Scholarship Program, we aim to encourage and support the future generation of design to realize their unique visions. That’s why 10% of all products sold through Autotype will go to fund scholarships for currently-enrolled design students.

And as part of ADC, our community of creators will be tasked as panelists to select, assist and mentor participants of our scholarship program. Through the fund, we want to foster more ideas, more exchange, and more connection with influencers and innovators in our sphere.

“Beyond feeling and doing good, giving back to the future of design helps us open doors, connect, and build a better design community.“—Tu Pham

We hope you'll join us in building this community together.


About the Founders

Autotype co-founders Derek Galkin and Tu Pham have been close friends and collaborators since they met in 2001 working at MEDIUM, an innovative footwear brand marketed to the creative class, and the first of many projects for the pair. Even after MEDIUM’s sale four years later, they continued to apply their creative synergy across a diverse portfolio of brands, from start-ups to niche businesses to nonprofits like Adobe, Pantone, House Industries, DWELL, James Perse, Quiksilver, Lynda.com, Sperry Top Sider, Favia, Johnson & Johnson and Girls Rock.

In 2007, when Derek launched SeaVees footwear, he knew whose creative genius he wanted to lead the visual tone for the brand. Derek and Tu’s synergistic creative vision guided the brand for the next 5 years, when it was successfully sold to Pentland in 2017.

By the time they founded Autotype—a full-service design firm, scholarship fund, and community of advocates—the duo had collaborated on numerous design projects, across eighteen years of business and friendship, and wanted to give back to the design community that nurtured them by investing in the future of design. With Autotype, they endeavor to create an inclusive platform for designers to entertain the impossible, showcase their work, and find support from a community that values great design.

The two continue to challenge themselves creatively, exploring unique artistic intersections and business ideas to make the design market more innovative, inclusive, and daring. They are also partners and the creative support behind ROOM Wines, an exploration in winemaking through analysis, art, and adventure.