Designer Checkout: Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Alyasha Owerka-Moore has shaped fashion brands for over 30 years and been at the forefront of almost every streetwear and actionwear trend.
Designer Checkout: Alyasha Owerka-Moore - Autotype

WHO: Alyasha Owerka-Moore a.k.a. Stack-Aly

WHAT: Designer, Creative Director, Cultural Bridge Builder

WHERE: Brooklyn and Harlem, NY & San Diego, CA

WHY: Self Discovery

BIO: Raised in Brooklyn, Aly grew up with one foot in formal craft (assisting his mother in the conservation and restoration of ancient textiles) and the other reacting to established disciplines (making punk fliers, writing graffiti with the BYI Crew and a member of the original Shut Skates team). As marketers attempted to harness the energy around what they would call 'urban' markets during the 90's, Aly synthesized the varied influences he grew up with to shape game-changing, genre-defining businesses like Phat Farm, Mecca, and American Dream, Inc. After moving to San Diego to design and market for DUB, Droors, and DC Shoes, he established what is regarded as one of the most progressive brands in action sports/streetwear: Alphanumeric. Aly has embedded himself in cultural reservoirs around the globe, starting iconic cult brands like Fiberops in Hong Kong and Tokyo and acted as PF Flyers' on-call brand historian/archivist. At present Aly is working in the Jiu Jitsu space as a Creative Consultant / Designer for Shoyoroll.

Why a career in design?

Get paid to problem solve and express yourself.

What does good design mean to you?

For me, It has to fulfill its purpose and be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Who are your influences?

Mom, Romare Bearden, Nelson Stevens, Howlin' Wolf, Buckminster Fuller... I always find this question to be a trip because I feel like everyone should answer "Too many people to name" from a genuine space.

How do you want to affect the world of design?

Make it easier to live, with little to no negative impact on the planet.

What advice do you give to future Creatives?

Listen to Gil Scott Heron, Last Poets, and the Clash. Read James Baldwin, Alan Watts, Huxley, and Fuller.  Make trend an evil word.

Shop Aly's PEACE apparel collection HERE. 100% of proceeds benefit Stoked, an organization leveraging board sports and the action sports community to create opportunities for under served youth.

Follow Aly on Instagram: @stackaly

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