Danish toy maker Lego ups the ante on their exclusive partnership with Porsche with the Porsche 911 in their Creator Series. The new design goes on sale to LEGO VIPs February 16, 2021.
LEGO x PORSCHE - Autotype

LEGOs have gotten so much cooler since we were kids. Gone are the days of a big tub of mismatch bricks perfect for injuring your parent's foot or choking the family pet. LEGOs partnership with our favorite German automaker kicks into high gear with the release of the Porsche 911, the newest entry in their CREATOR Series.

Ever the ingenious Danish brick-builders, the new set gives you the option to build a classic 911 Turbo or a Targa (complete with removable roof). If you want to deck out your desk with both the Turbo and the Targa, you'll have to buy 2 sets as it's an either/or build.

While it's true that bricks can't quite capture the exquisite curves that define Porsche, this set of LEGOs is undeniably cool. At over 1,400 pieces, we'd set aside some serious time to conquer this build.

LEGO Porsche 911 Turbo profileLEGO Porsche 911 InteriorLEGO Porsche 911 Turbo rearviewLEGO Porsche 911 Turbo engine

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