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Autotype + ICON BR Old School #66 Auction


"When we first launched the brand, we felt it was very important to define a new style for the aesthetic of the vehicles, because our approach to the mechanical engineering was so unique. It made it easier for people to digest. Now, after more than 10 years producing these vehicles, we’re excited to explore a more vintage aesthetic, hence the introduction of the new old-school design option". Jonathan Ward-

Thank all of you for a successful auction! The winning bid on our first-production Autotype + ICON BR Old School #66 was $291,000, and we couldn’t be happier. The featured photos detail the up to date progress of the build. Delivery is set for March / April.

Missed out on the auction? You can still custom design an ICON FJ40 or an ICON BR with us and feed into our scholarships through the build (as ever, 10% of all Autotype sales will go toward our scholarship fund).

10% of this sale helps fund an Autotype Scholarship.