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Dewey Nicks - Polaroids of Women

Dewey Nicks - Polaroids of Women



While searching through his extensive archive, Dewey discovered a forgotten box filled with thousands of original Polaroids from his 1990s photo sessions.  The one-of-a-kind pieces, saved from hundreds of shoots, both private and assigned, offered an intimate portrait into Deweys' life, friends, and work. The immediacy of the Polaroids combined with the natural fading of the physical print after decades in a shoebox made each of the images singularly unique and tangibly genuine. Uncovering this lost box of memories motivated Dewey to contact his longtime collaborator, book designer, and publisher, Tom Adler. Together, they produced this book, Polaroids of Women. 

  • Title:                      Polaroids of Women
  • Photographs by:   Dewey Nicks
  • Contributor:          Brad Dunning
  • Publisher:              T. Adler Books, 2018
  • Length:                  120 Pages


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