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Collapsible Tote

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You don't just use this tote. You 'unveil' it like your David f&*!%g Copperfield. Picture this, you're in line at the grocery store - the healthy and expensive one - and the cashier asked if you brought your own bag. Now's your chance. Unzip, unveil, and watch the cashier's expression change from judgement to amazement. Then go climb into your V8 Land Cruiser and peel outta there.

  • Color: Heirloom Oak with Gold
  • 22"L x 16"W x 9”D
  • Nylon body
  • Durable leather base

Always have a Moore & Giles bag handy with our collapsible tote. The ripstop nylon is ultra-lightweight and durable while the Heirloom Oak leather distinguishes the bag from your garden-variety canvas totes. Compact when closed and expansive when opened, keep it in your car to lug groceries or a farmer’s market haul into the house or drop it in your duffel bag to use while exploring a new city.

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