000 Magazine - Issue 019 - Autotype
000 Magazine - Issue 019 $80.00
A quarterly, ad-free journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. Each issue offers 250+ pages covering every facet of Porsche. 019 Departments Editor’s Note: Five years in…987.2 Boxster Spyder door pullsSascha Maassen at Petit Le Mans 2002Tony Hatter on wheels as jewelryStaud Studios911 GT1 rotor and padExterior NeodymeAMG race carBooks on Brumos, IROC, Strenger1955 356A Cabriolet996.2 GT31975-1976 914 2.0 019 Features The Mauritius (cover story)By Christoph Mäder // Photography Larry ChenDiscovering the super-rare 968 Turbo RS 2.2 ManifestoBy Alexander Palevsky // Photography Trevor RyanExploring the magic of 1970-1971 2.2 911s in central California plus Ferry’s 1970 911SBy David Conklin Bridging the GapBy Glen Smale // Photography Alex BlassingameThe ultimate normally-aspirated, air-cooled 911: the 911 Cup 3.8 RSR plus The Cup 3.8 RSR in AmericaBy Alex Job, Cort Wagner, and Kerry Morse // Photography John Brooks and Bruce Benedict The Long Game: 917 LangheckBy Jay Gillotti All orders are shipped within 5-7 business days. No exchanges or returns.
000 Magazine - Issue 020 - Autotype
000 Magazine - Issue 020 $80.00
A quarterly, ad-free journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. Each issue offers 250+ pages covering every facet of Porsche. 020 Departments Editor’s Note: Screens v buttons1991 color swatch boxSascha Maassen at Monaco 1994Loud pipesInside Le Mans 2021Let me ventFrom the Ritter collectionAlfa Romeo 4C964 Turbo928 GTSCayman 2.7 and 2.9 020 Features Connect FourBy Richard Meaden // Photography Andy MorganGetting to the heart of the four-cam driving experience in a trio of four cams: 1958 718 RSK, 1961 356 Carrera GT, and 1964 904 GTS Classic Plastic (cover story)By Richard Meaden // Photography Andy MorganDriving 904-055, one of the most original examples of Porsche’s 904 Carrera GTS plus Best of the Breed: History of 904-055By Philip Basil and Factory Fresh: 904 AssemblyBy Bill FarrellNever-before-seen photos of 904s on the factory floor Road > RacerBy Zach Bowman // Photography Clint DavisComparing 993 RS and 993 Cup on a drive in Appalachia Ghost in the Ink: Jiri KuhnertBy Rostislav Korycanek and Triple ZeroThe most talented Czech designer you’ve never heard of Yesterday’s News: Cayenne Turbo GTBy Alexander Palevsky // Photography Alex Bernstein Current Event: Taycan GTSBy Pete Stout // Photography Alex Bernstein All orders are shipped within 5-7 business days. No exchanges or returns.
000 Magazine - Issue 021 - Autotype
000 Magazine - Issue 021 $80.00
A quarterly, ad-free journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. Each issue offers 250+ pages covering every facet of Porsche. 021 Departments Editor’s Note: Independent thinkingT80 rekord carSellers at Petit Le Mans 2013Genesis: 911-50986 & 996 headlightsM471Hella taillightsX51 Power KitsWera KraftformSmarter tach1968 911R brochureSpeed on 1.0 liter 021 Features The One That Changed EverythingBy Pete StoutLooking back at the introduction of the second 996 GT2 plus The 2 That Broke Through (cover story)Photography Manolo LangisA conversation between Triple Zero and Hartmut Kristen on the 996 GT2 program Some Assembly RequiredBy Laurance Yap // Photography Trevor Ryan and Larry YanovichThe E-Class: an unprecedented collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Drawing Outside the LinesBy Chantel Tattoli // Photography Frederik Dulay-WinklerA deep dive into the career of design head Harm Lagaaij 3.0 > 3.1 > 3.2By Christoph Mäder // Photography Roman RätzkeComparing a trio of 911s: 1976 Carrera 3.0, 1980 911 SC, 1989 Carrera plus CounterpointBy Bob Chapman All orders are shipped within 5-7 business days. No exchanges or returns.
A Handbook of California Design, 1930–1965: Craftspeople, Designers, Manufacturers (The MIT Press) - Autotype Library
A Handbook of California Design $37.95
California holds a special place in my heart. Born, raised and endlessly inspired by the design derived from the golden state.– Derek A Handbook of California Design reveals the complex web of influences, collaborations, institutional affiliations, and social networks that fueled the California design economy.
Bauhaus $80.00
In the span of a mere 14 years, between the two World Wars, Germany's Bauhaus School of Art and Design left an indelible mark on modernity, revolutionizing artistic and design principles. This book, created in collaboration with the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin, offers a comprehensive exploration of the Bauhaus legacy.
Dewey Nicks - Kustom Book
Dewey Nicks - Kustom Book $60.00
I'm drawn to people who defy the laws of gravity. Who become obsessed with decoration, advertise their personality and make things bigger, brighter, louder, and faster than the manufacturer's specification. -- Dewey Nicks This gorgeous montage of muscle cars, boob jobs and fun fur toilet covers is an unwholesomely perfect guy gift. -- Simon DoonanHere's an American scenescape laden with fantasy and fetish, artifice and ambition… -- Paper Magazine
Dewey Nicks - Polaroids of Women
Dewey Nicks - Polaroids of Women $25.00
While searching through his archive, photographer Dewey Nicks discovered a forgotten box filled with thousands of original Polaroids from the 1990s. These relics offered an intimate portrait into Deweys' life, friends, and work. The immediacy of the Polaroids combined with the natural fading of the physical print after decades in a shoebox made each of the images singularly unique and tangibly genuine. Uncovering this lost box of memories motivated Dewey to produce this book, Polaroids of Women.
Dieter Rams - Autotype
Dieter Rams $64.95
This book is both big and a big deal. It turns out Dieter Rams probably had an impact on your life, your habits, and your memories. A comprehensive, chronology of ever single Dieter Rams design.
Eames Book - Beautiful Details - By Autotype
Eames - Beautiful Details $60.00
The perfect coffee table book to let people know you are in the know. From the cover to the contents "Eames: Beautiful Details" exemplifies good design. "Eames: Beautiful Details” celebrates the seamlessness and fluidity in which Charles and Ray Eames operated as both a husband and wife team and as designers unrestricted by traditionally professional boundaries.
Flower Color Guide Book - Autotype
Flower Color Guide Book $35.00
Two brothers in Brooklyn have done the unthinkable. They essentially found and photographed an entire PANTONE book of colors, with flowers. It's a gargantuan effort and the resulting book is fun to flip through and also really easy to use. The science and art of using color as applied to natural wonders like flowers is creative stimulation of the highest order.
Found In Translation: Design In California and Mexico 1915-1985 - Mexican Design Book - By Autotype
Found In Translation: Design In California and Mexico 1915-1985 $65.00
Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915 –1985 showcases the more than 250 objects that exemplified the modern and anti-modern movements behind both Californian and Mexican design throughout the twentieth century. Each work intimates influence and dialogue between the two scenes, typified across four main themes: Spanish Colonial Inspiration, Pre-Hispanic Revivals, Folk Art and Craft Traditions, and Modernism.
House - The Process is the Inspiration
House - The Process is the Inspiration $50.00
A standard-bearer of American design since 1993, House Industries answers the burning question, “Where do you find inspiration?” with this illustrative collection of helpful lessons, stories, and case studies that demonstrate how to transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work. Presented in House’s honest, authentic, and often irreverent style, and covering topics ranging from fonts and fashion to ceramics and space technology, this beautifully useful 400–page volume offers a personal perspective on the origin of ideas for creative people in any field. Most important, this book shows that there’s no sense in waiting for inspiration because inspiration is already waiting for you.
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Identity: Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
Identity: Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv $98.00
Name a more iconic duo: “Identity: Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv showcases a body of work spanning 60 years from the seminal New York design firm founded in 1957 by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar. The firm’s contribution to design has shaped the way corporate identity programs influence culture.”
Inspired by Place
Inspired by Place $75.00
CLB Architects Inspired by Place showcases eleven homes designed by CLB from studios in Wyoming and Montana. A portion of the homes highlight the group’s interior design work, which strikes a balance between sophisticated and comfortable and is conceived as a natural extension of the architecture.
Lettering Manual
Lettering Manual $25.00
Learn the history and techniques of hand lettering from a renowned design studio. This practical and visual guide features exercises, case studies, and typographic models for letter styles such as serif, sans serif, brush, and script.