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House Industries Pillow - Autotype House Industries Pillow - Autotype
House Industries Pillow $260.00
The elegant curves of letterforms lend themselves perfectly to patterns that will make any room in your home warm and welcoming. Could a font inspire your favorite pillow? Absolutely! House’s new pillows feature exclusive textiles from The Glyph Collection, woven by Arc-Com fabrics.The three-yarn dyed, jacquard-woven patterns (i-pattern, X-pattern and Pound) are constructed utilizing a heavy twisted boucle yarn.The Tilde and Parenthesis patterns explore customized velvet constructions. The Parenthesis pattern has a full pile construction that delivers a lush, plush, even surface. The Tilde pattern’s cut and uncut surface pile brings heightened dimension to its rounded forms.All of the patterns within The Glyph Collection—including the velvets—are bleach cleanable and measure up for use in high traffic areas.All pillows produced in Holland, Michigan, USA. Includes Pillow insert - 17" x 17" *Allow 7-10 working days for shipping.