602 Graphite Pencil - Autotype 602 Graphite Pencil - Autotype
602 Graphite Pencil $27.00
Praised in the New Yorker, The Boston Globe, and Boing Boing among others, the Palomino Blackwing 602 features a firm and smooth graphite core that helps it deliver on its promise of “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed.” Feature a gunmetal grey finish Iconic square Blackwing ferrule with a pink eraser Pack of 12
Blackwing Pencil Extender - Autotype Blackwing Pencil Extender - Autotype
Blackwing Pencil Extender $10.00
The greatest things in life are what you might call "low-key genius". The humble pencil extender from Blackwing solves a problem that EVERYONE has but only Blackwing was willing to solve. That's low-key genius. The end of the pencil is difficult to use, which is not to say they aren't usable. The Blackwing Pencil Extender fits into the rectangular eraser housing to make even the shortest nub of a pencil still easy and effortless to use.
Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser - Autotype Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser - Autotype
Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser $10.00
Didn't elementary school smell like one big gum eraser? Turns out, eraser technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the 70s. It's OK to think that a fresh set of school supplies and a new T-shirt is going to turn your life around. Doesn't everybody?
Blackwing Colors - Autotype Design Goods Blackwing Colors - Autotype Design Goods
Colors $27.00
These are the best colored pencils we've ever used! Blackwing Colors features a unique soft and smooth color core, designed specifically for coloring. They draw, shade, and color so effortlessly on the ITO Bindery drawing pads. Semi-hexagonal barrel found in Blackwing graphite pencils Metal end cap that adds a bit of weight, giving the pencils a comfortable, balanced feel Set of 12 color pencils Download a free 4-page coloring book from Autotype's Factory Color Block series.
Pearl Pencils Pearl Pencils
Pearl Pencils $27.00
We love the versatility of this pencil. It switches from sharp line-work to shading with ease. The Blackwing Pearl Pencil allows for a great drawing and writing experience, with the perfect balance between hardness and darkness. Features a pearl white finish with a gold imprint Smooth graphite core that is slightly softer than the Blackwing 602.  Features the iconic square Blackwing eraser Pack of 12
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Point Guard Point Guard
Point Guard $9.00 $10.00
The Blackwing Point Guard is designed to ensure your Blackwing pencil gets wherever you’re going in one piece. Crafted out of lightweight machined aluminum Point Guard goes over the point of your Blackwing pencil, keeping it safe in your bag, pocket, or pencil roll
Slate Journal Slate Journal
Slate Journal $20.00
Notes, sketches or your deepest darkest secret, Blackwing's Slate Journal can handle them all. 160 pages of high-quality, 100GSM blank paper Durable dual-sewn, lay-flat binding Wear-resistant matte black hardcover Canvas spine and pencil holster loaded with a Blackwing 602 pencil Small 4.1" x 5.82" Medium 5" x 8.25" Large 8.25" x 11.7"
Starting Point Set
Starting Point Set $35.00
The Blackwing Starting Point Set is the perfect way to introduce the artist or maker in your life to Blackwing. Each set includes: 4 pencils ranging from Soft, Balanced, Firm, and Extra-firm graphite 2 Point Guards to prevent your pencil breaking on-the-go 1 long point, 2-step sharpener that sharpens wood before precision sharpening the graphite 2 packs of replacement erasers to ensure your pencil is always functional