000 Magazine - Issue 007


000 Magazine

000 Magazine - Issue 007

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Product description

A quarterly journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. 9x12, 80-lb paper each issue offers more than 250 pages covering every facet of Porsche.

007 Departments

Zero Input: On Maraj, and Le Mans
Archival: Porsche's Internal Vehicle Comparisons
Blink: Vic Elford: 917/30 at Hockenheim
Anorak: Early 911/912 Headlights
Surface: PVC Exterior Paint
Apart: Flyweight F1 Valve Cover
Lost/Found: Vasek Polak 911 / 1961 356 Roadster
Outsmart: Mazda's UR-Miata
Tech: Competition MFI

000 Build: 914 4R

007 Features

Ombre Noire: LMP2000
Keen Adventure: Off-Road 911s
Been Around: Alan Johnson
On Road And Track: 991.2 GT3 RS
Scene: Le Mans 2018

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