000 Magazine - Issue 020


000 Magazine

000 Magazine - Issue 020

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Product description

A quarterly, ad-free journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. Each issue offers 250+ pages covering every facet of Porsche.

020 Departments

    Editor’s Note: Screens v buttons
    1991 color swatch box
    Sascha Maassen at Monaco 1994
    Loud pipes
    Inside Le Mans 2021
    Let me vent
    From the Ritter collection
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    964 Turbo
    928 GTS
    Cayman 2.7 and 2.9

    020 Features

    Connect Four
    By Richard Meaden // Photography Andy Morgan
    Getting to the heart of the four-cam driving experience in a trio of four cams: 1958 718 RSK, 1961 356 Carrera GT, and 1964 904 GTS

    Classic Plastic (cover story)
    By Richard Meaden // Photography Andy Morgan
    Driving 904-055, one of the most original examples of Porsche’s 904 Carrera GTS

    plus Best of the Breed: History of 904-055
    By Philip Basil

    and Factory Fresh: 904 Assembly
    By Bill Farrell
    Never-before-seen photos of 904s on the factory floor

    Road > Racer
    By Zach Bowman // Photography Clint Davis
    Comparing 993 RS and 993 Cup on a drive in Appalachia

    Ghost in the Ink: Jiri Kuhnert
    By Rostislav Korycanek and Triple Zero
    The most talented Czech designer you’ve never heard of

    Yesterday’s News: Cayenne Turbo GT
    By Alexander Palevsky // Photography Alex Bernstein

    Current Event: Taycan GTS
    By Pete Stout // Photography Alex Bernstein

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