Behind the Brand: ITO Bindery

Find out why ITO Bindery paper is the best, smoothest, and most elegant place to record your ideas, inspirations, to-do's, and doodles. We cannot find a more perfect paper for taking notes, sketching ideas, or elevating our daily to-do lists.
Behind the Brand: ITO Bindery - Autotype

For over 80 years and 3 generations ITO Bindery has led paper design in Tokyo. Although their original memo blocks and drawing pads are the focus, the company started as a notebook bindery. Today ITO specializes in cutting and folding, with their products being renowned for their perfect edges and smooth cuts.



The bindery is located in Sumida, part of the the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo but an area still connected to history and tradition. There are many small factories in the area that have been operating for a long time. We love ITO Bindery because their products are forward-thinking yet still traditionally hand-crafted, one by one.


Ito Bindery’s signature item, each one is carefully made by expert craftsmen. We offer all 3 colors white, kraft, and gray, across a range of sizes from the portable A6 to the workshop ready A3. The base is made of sturdy recycled cardboard, so these drawing pads are perfect to take with you and sketch on the go. The bound side is micro-perforated, which allows you to easily tear off the sheets. These simple yet functional drawing pads are popular with designers, artists, architects, and minimalists.

The White and Gray Drawing Pads use high-quality paper made in Japan. Although white paper is a classic choice, the gray is perfect for those looking for something a bit more unique.

The Kraft Drawing Pad uses kraft paper that is left unbleached during the paper making process. This strong paper has a unique texture perfect for sketching or crafting.

The ITO logo is subtly pressed into the bottom right-hand corner of the base in order to keep branding as minimal as possible.


Each ITO memo block is carefully made one at a time in order to guarantee quality. Perfect for the environmentally conscious as well as the stylish, each block is attached to a thick base made from recycled cardboard.

The memo blocks are handled with care throughout production, from the initial material selection to the finishing process. There are three size available – the small is a perfect square, the medium is a rectangle, and the large is a long rectangle. All three sizes of the memo blocks come in three colors – white, black and gray. The red memo block, originally developed as a Christmas exclusive but added to the permanent collection, is only available in small. Choose the color and size that suits your work space the best!


The newest ITO product to our site brings simplicity and elegance to the trusty A5 notebook - 272 perfectly bound pages in either a blank or grid option. The number of pages is quite intentional. Subtract the 2 weekend days from each week and you are left with 1 page for each day of work throughout the year.

The thread binding allows the notebook to open to 360 degrees, making it easy to take notes in any situation. And the sturdy cover is built to endure the wear and tear of a year in service to your inspiration and ideas.

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