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In the Studio

Event: House Industries Lettering Workshop

Our friends at House Industries are hosting Freehand Lettering workshop with Ken Barber in New York City. If you're in the area it's not an event to be missed, but if you can't make it, find some inspiration with the (House Book) or other books from our library.  
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Timeless Design

From an early age my love for timeless design has guided my vision for brands. That love and appreciation has been passed down from generations. Quality, purpose, performance—the most essential elements of a brand, carried through in one: Porsche.—Derek Galkin  Happy Birthday dad!
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Build your own ICON exclusively at Autotype

Nowhere else. We're it. Away from home base, Autotype is the only place where you can find and build your own ICON FJ or ICON BR, and of course, bid on the custom, one-of-a-kind Autotype + ICON BR Old School #66. These tailor-made machines are singular feats of engineering, each lovingly made under the genius of ICON founder Jonathan Ward. Build your own chariot, master any terrain, and invest in the future of design. Only at Autotype.
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All roads lead to Autotype

Meet the Founders Autotype co-founders Derek Galkin and Tu Pham have been close friends and collaborators since they met in 2001 working at MEDIUM, an innovative footwear brand marketed to the creative class, and the first of many projects for the pair. Even after MEDIUM’s sale four years later, they continued to apply their creative synergy across a diverse portfolio of brands, from start-ups to niche businesses to nonprofits like Adobe, Pantone, House Industries, DWELL, James Perse, Quiksilver, Lynda.com, Sperry Top Sider, Favia, Johnson & Johnson and Girls Rock. In 2007, when Derek launched SeaVees footwear, he knew whose creative genius he wanted to lead the visual tone for the brand. Derek and Tu’s synergistic creative vision guided the brand for the next...
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A conversation with ICON's Jonathan Ward on style and 'Bespoke Utility'

Derek Galkin: There are very few people whom I've met on my journey who can identify, understand, and appreciate functional, clean, timeless industrial design. The catalyst of our friendship. Jonathan Ward (of ICON) and I have been friends for over seven years, and not once had he ever invited me to his house. Our usual preferred meeting spot has always been ICON HQ, a space I’ve always found fun and malleable, the local watering hole for a casual drink or an event where we were mutually invited. What would his house be like—what style of architecture? What furniture? What influence does Jamie (his better half, and my personal favorite of the two) have in the house, and does it spar...
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Brotherhood (and sisterhood)

A nod to the brotherhood of creators and designers…it's time to get real, get focused and get into the weeds. When we started autotype, we wanted to slow down, get inspired by the things we love and metaphorically get stuck in the minutiae.  An exercise in thoughtful fruitlessness, this could be the beginning of our end. We hope you get distracted as much as we do. About the image: New Order. Brotherhood. From my personal teenage album collection, a small selection of which has travelled around with me for years. One of my favorite album cover designs by Peter Saville, not shown here but inspired me long before I became a designer.
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The prize inside

Love. graphic. art. books. Books are an adventure, they are timeless. Poseidon is no exception. This one came from my random monthly outing to the local comic book store. I routinely pass by the comics (no because I don't like them) in search of that something that calls out to me this month. Could be the binding, the wrapper, the shape, the neglect, the location on the shelf, a stranger I'm inviting home for the first time. -Tu Pham
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Modernica's Jay Novak on Art, Collaboration, and the Idiosyncrasies of Wood

On an atypical overcast October day in Southern California, I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Jay Novak, co-founder (along with his brother Frank) of Los Angeles-based furniture design company Modernica, on a few things design and process. Tu Pham: To start, why post-WWII California design? Jay Novak: The purity and architecture of the time, the geometry of archetypal shape. Not because it was mid-century, but because appreciation for it emerged after WWII in a strong way. TP: What’s the process of creating a project today versus when you first started? JN: Thirty years ago, I was just coming up with an idea and trying to build it. Now, it’s much more collaborative; collaboration was a skill that I...
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On leather, legacy, and infinite possibility: An interview with Elizabeth Stroud

Jonathan Ward: What about you personally, with the brand, how did you why did you? ES: I grew up in Lynchburg Virginia where we're based; I left and never thought that I would come back or look back. I went away to college and then I lived in New York for a while working for Hermés. Then, in 2008, like very many people in the world during the financial crisis, I lost my job. JW: What were you doing at Hermés by the way? ES: I worked in the press office, with the PR team, and then moved to the wholesale side of the business. I sold fine china, flatware, crystal, and those types of odds and ends. And I...
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