Designer Checkout: Eric Logan - Autotype
Designer Checkout: Eric Logan

After graduating with a Master of Architecture degree from Arizona State University in 1991, Eric moved to Denver to apprentice with Urb...

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Designer Checkout: Blaise Rosenthal - Autotype
Designer Checkout: Blaise Rosenthal

Calaveras. Skulls. The first home I remember was on the edge of nowhere. At the end of a dirt road in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada I spent my formative years. The elemental character of this environment and its aesthetic vocabulary became archetypal for me. Earth, wat...

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Designer Checkout: Andy Rosenthal - Autotype
Designer Checkout: Andy Rosenthal

Where do you live / work?New Orleans / Behind a screen What is your 'why'?An overwhelming need to leave things better than they were when I found them—to the detriment of myself sometimes, but hopefully to the benefit of ...

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Designer Checkout: Jimmy Hayes - Autotype
Designer Checkout: Jimmy Hayes

Jimmy Hayes is a photographer in California’s Napa Valley. His current status as the wine industry's pre-eminent visual storyteller follows an incredible career arc that includes leadership roles at three-star Michelin restaurants and some of the most iconic wineries in Ame...

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Designer Checkout: Estudio Zavala - Autotype
Designer Checkout: Estudio Zavala

Los Angeles based artist and activist Florencio Zavala addresses global needs through local action. Check out this in-depth interview to learn more about a compelling creative and changemaker.

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LEGO x PORSCHE - Autotype

Danish toy maker Lego ups the ante on their exclusive partnership with Porsche with the Porsche 911 in their Creator Series. The new design goes on sale to LEGO VIPs February 16, 2021.

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F.A. Porsche Birthday Anniversary - Autotype
F.A. Porsche Birthday Anniversary

It's the 85th birthday anniversary of the man who made us love Porsches! Son of Ferdinand Anton Ernst "Ferry" Porsche and grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed what would become the most iconic sports car. In addition to the 911, he designed the 8...

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Print, Color, Trace! ADC Coloring Series - Autotype
Print, Color, Trace! ADC Coloring Series

Download our free Autotype Design Club Color Block Coloring Series front-ends and create your own color combinations.

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The Factory Color Block Collection - Autotype
The Factory Color Block Collection

Color counts. Learn more about our newest apparel collection, the Factory Color Block series, an Autotype Design Club Original.

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