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Blog: In the Studio

The prize inside

Love. graphic. art. books. Books are an adventure, they are timeless. Poseidon is no exception. This one came from my random monthly outing to the local comic book store. I routinely pass by the comics (no because I don't like them) in search of that something that calls out to me this month. Could be the binding, the wrapper, the shape, the neglect, the location on the shelf, a stranger I'm inviting home for the first time. -Tu Pham
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On leather, legacy, and infinite possibility: An interview with Elizabeth Stroud

Jonathan Ward: What about you personally, with the brand, how did you why did you? ES: I grew up in Lynchburg Virginia where we're based; I left and never thought that I would come back or look back. I went away to college and then I lived in New York for a while working for Hermés. Then, in 2008, like very many people in the world during the financial crisis, I lost my job. JW: What were you doing at Hermés by the way? ES: I worked in the press office, with the PR team, and then moved to the wholesale side of the business. I sold fine china, flatware, crystal, and those types of odds and ends. And I...
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I heart Irma Boom

This book never gets old for me, a modern classic printed in 2010. It seems to be the book I always grab when I'm pacing the studio. Maybe because it's BRILLIANTLY YELLOW or the print on the EDGE of the book makes me shout HALLELUJAH! The details are just too fun. It's like a movie you can watch over and over again. Thanks Irma! Thanks Knoll! Thanks National Endowment for the Arts, we a.l.m.o.s.t. lost you thanks to the current administration : / - Tu Pham
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