602 Graphite Pencil - Autotype 602 Graphite Pencil - Autotype
602 Graphite Pencil $27.00
Praised in the New Yorker, The Boston Globe, and Boing Boing among others, the Palomino Blackwing 602 features a firm and smooth graphite core that helps it deliver on its promise of “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed.” Feature a gunmetal grey finish Iconic square Blackwing ferrule with a pink eraser Pack of 12
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Todd Snyder Design Dept. Champion Crew Fleece Todd Snyder Design Dept. Champion Crew Fleece
Todd Snyder Design Dept. Champion Crew Fleece $79.00 $98.00
To find a sweatshirt more classic you’d need a time machine. Made on vintage flat-lock machines at a family-owned factory in Canada, the fabric is a 16oz fleece, so the outside looks rugged while the inside is soft and a little bit fuzzy. Throwback design details include a chest pocket and a v-stitch at the neck known as a “dorito,” which was initially developed to wick sweat away from the wearer’s neck and to make it easier to slide the sweatshirt on and off over during football practice. Made in Canada 16 oz fleece 80% cotton, 20% polyester
Magazine Rack Magazine Rack
Magazine Rack $230.00
Made from plywood and walnut veneer, this magazine holder upholds Saito Wood’s signature bend, durability, and lightness to accommodate printed pieces of all sizes and weights, without compromising beauty. Color: Walnut 11.1/2 in x 17 in x 7.1/2 in Materials: Plywood and Walnut Veneer In 1950, Isamu Saito established Saito Woodworking shop in Shizuoka prefecture to address the limited supply of wood and other natural resources following WWII. Joining the burgeoning industry of "molded plywood" technology, Saito began creating beautiful interior household goods with signature curves that are light, strong, and stunning.
ALLEX Black Scissors - By Autotype ALLEX Black Scissors - By Autotype
Black Scissors $30.00
A Japanese Good Design awardee when it first emerged on the scene in 1974, Allex Stainless Steel Scissors are made from a single sheet of steel, the quality blade, both strong and durable, slipping into an ergonomic handle lined with a rubber ring. The original design remains unaltered since its first production, and why would it? It’s a staple office tool across Japan for a reason. See for yourself. Color: Black/Black Non-Stick Jorpolymer Coated
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Porsche 993 Tee
Porsche 993 Tee $26.25 $35.00
The Porsche 993 is classic cool with unconquerable style. This is our favorite Tee in the shop. Classic in both fit and finish, with the right amount of attention to detail, this tee will quickly become a favorite 100% combed cotton Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage Designed and printed in California Photographer: @erinfeinblatt Subject: 1997 Porsche 993 @derekgalkin
Porsche Magazines Stacked - Triple Zero 000 Subscription - Autotype Library Porsche Magazine Covers - Triple Zero 000 - Subscription - Autotype Library
000 Magazine - Subscription $275.00
Passed down from my father, my infatuation with the timeless design of Porsche runs deep. From photography to content 000 captures the essence of the brand brilliantly. - Derek A quarterly journal detailing the timeless design of Porsche. 9x12, 80-lb paper each issue offers more than 250 pages covering every facet of Porsche. Four issues at 250 + pages each Embossed, suede-finish soft covers Heavyweight paper throughout Perfect bound All editorial content All orders are shipped within 5-7 business days. 000 Magazine does not accept exchanges or returns.
Drawing Pad
Drawing Pad $15.00
A must-have tool for visual thinkersPerfect for your active lettering lifestyle, this drawing pad from the celebrated design studio features:•   40 sheets of high-quality sketch paper•   A useful primer on illustration and hand-lettering•   An extra-thick backboard for sketching on the go.
Bookends - Autotype Bookends - Autotype
Bookends $240.00
Your mailman is going to wish they didn't skip arm day when it comes time to deliver these cast iron bookends from Japanese designer Rikucho Ogasawara. We could talk about the Ogasawara's unique ability to apply modern design to such a traditional production process, but here's what you really want to know. Whichever super impressive books you like to display, but maybe haven't actually read...these bookends will hold them up and make sure visitors to your home notice them and assume you read them. These horn inspired bookends are sold as a pair, and have become an iconic design of master craftsman Rikuchou Ogasawara. Made with traditional techniques from the Iwate region of Japan, the cast iron is modern and classic at the same time. An appropriately understated yet distinct design to hold up your beloved books - place on your shelf or right on your desk as a visual centerpiece. Hand-made cast iron may show slight variation.
Keyboard Brush Keyboard Brush
Keyboard Brush $12.00
Have you ever stopped to really look at your keyboard? It's gross, like really gross. After you hold it over the waste bin and give it a few good knocks, do a better job of keeping it clean on the regular with this clever keyboard brush from Kanaya.